Royalty Free Stock Logo Clipart by Patrimonio

  1. Retro Window Washer Guy Using a Squeegee
  2. Male Janitor Using a Mop in a Ray Oval Logo
  3. Logo Blue Bagpipe Player and Oval
  4. Retro Black and White Sandblaster Worker over an Orange Circle Logo
  5. Logging Truck and Sunshine Logo
  6. Wheat, Grapes, Lemons and Apples Logo
  7. Strong Mailman with a Letter Logo
  8. Retro Paintbrush Bucket and Banner Logo
  9. Retro Walking Rooster in Profile Logo
  10. Patriotic Soldier Carrying an American Flag Logo
  11. Running Wolf in a Ray Oval Logo
  12. Flying Heron and Sunshine Logo
  13. Padlock in an American Flag Circle
  14. Retro Soap Box Racer in an Oval Logo
  15. Retro Soap Box Racer and Car Logo
  16. Retro Bodybuilder Squatting with a Barbell Logo
  17. Walking Turkey and Sunshine Logo
  18. Roaring Lion in an Oval of Orange Rays Logo
  19. Black and Yellow Excavator and Sunset Logo
  20. Strong Man Running and Carrying a Barbell Logo
  21. Green Viper Snake and Sun Rays Logo
  22. Sporty Dog Swimming Athletics Logo
  23. Retro Man Holding a Fuel Nozzle in an Oval of Rays Logo
  24. Delivery Truck on a Red Circle Logo
  25. Blue and Orange Round Tiger Logo
  26. Green Catfish Swimming Logo
  27. Cricket Batsman over a Green Diamond Logo
  28. Retro Woodcut Male Plumber in a Yellow Rays Logo
  29. Retro Male Mechanic Holding a Spanner Logo
  30. Blue Flying Pheasant and Sunshine Oval Logo
  31. White Camera Man in Blue Uniform, Filming in an Orange Sun Ray Circle Logo
  32. Galleon Ship Logo
  33. Black and White Male Photographer and Hunters over Red Logo
  34. Retro Delivery Man and Truck Logo
  35. Bald Eagle in an American Flag Circle Logo
  36. Retro Blue Male Welder Squatting Logo
  37. American Ribbon and Map in a Ballot Vote Box
  38. Retro Logo of a Fly Fisherman Reeling in a Largemouth Bass on a Beach
  39. Retriever Dog Leaping over an Oval of Sun Rays Logo
  40. Rugby Player Catching a Line-Out Ball over a Ray Diamond
  41. Gray Unicorn Head over Orange Rays Fantasy Logo
  42. Retro Surveyor Using a Theodolite in an Oval of Rays
  43. Green Happy Koi Fish Logo
  44. White Cricket Player over a Green Diamond with Text Sports Logo
  45. Cricket Player Batting in a Green Shield Logo
  46. Cricket Player and Text Logo
  47. Batting Baseball Snake Logo
  48. Rooster Oval Logo
  49. Cyclist on a Mountainous Circle Logo